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H&S Engagement Programme

Concentris developed and led a programme to upskill a selected group for effective safety engagement and coaching interactions on the Crossrail programme, London


As part of the Crossrail programme, Siemens sought help to develop better behavioural interaction skills within their team. This was primarily for more effective safety performance, as a key business driver.

Concentris designed and delivered a support offer for two levels of staff: Manager / Supervisor level, and Workforce level. This was delivered in two phases during Summer and Autumn 2019.

Phase I Aims:

  • Become ‘Enablers’ of behavioural change
  • Understand how improved safety performance is linked with improved business performance
  • Promote and champion change in the Siemens team

The main vehicle for this was a training package delivered to around 45 Managers / Supervisors, and 120 Workforce level staff. Key principles covered the following:

  • Understanding what motivates behaviour
  • How to practice positive and corrective safety interactions correctly
  • Linking this to the 4 Steps approach
  • Planning for future action

A simple feedback exercise was conducted, to understand the attention areas for future behaviours in the team. The outputs from this exercise were summarised as part of a report from Phase I. This indicated that the main attention areas were around the issue of Engagement; both Manager / Supervisor groups and Workforce groups identified this to be the case. Enhanced engagement was identified as necessary between team members on the level of personal interactions, and also at a management / system level (to use the correct H&S performance data for feedback and support).

Phase II:

Focused on developing these Engagement outputs with selected Supervisors and Workforce. Over 70 staff were given enhanced engagement training covering the following:

  • Output summary from Phase I
  • How to carry out engagement in the workplace
  • How to carry out engagement in briefings
  • Developing SMART behaviours to implement

Attendees were split into small groups for site tours. They followed the guidelines and script issued at training, to interact with Operatives on good safety practices observed. 

On the spot feedback was given to the trainees about the delivery of these interactions, supporting their own good practice and correcting areas which could be improved.

Attendees were then asked to identify SMART actions for themselves from a suggested list, with the alternative of developing their own if they felt they wanted to do so.

As a result, over 70 staff were equipped with the skill set to carry out these engagement behaviours and the stage was set for them to do so within the Crossrail programme close out period. Recommendations were given to the Siemens team from Phase II about how to progress these further; focussing on each attendee starting four new behaviours to support engagement better in the workplace.

“The support from Concentris helped us to address some of the behavioural issues around H&S, which were noticeable by their absence in our team.

The way the feedback data from the first phase was presented, was very helpful for us as a team. It has allowed us to focus on the correct areas for phase II and beyond. The word from the trainees was that the training was high quality, enjoyable and productive. We are now looking to cement these new practices in the remainder of the Crossrail programme”.

Sean Doherty

Siemens client for support work


Staff trained between Phases I & II

Staff trained between Phases I & II

Main behaviours identified for everyone to implement following Phase II


Doug Hamilton

Doug Hamilton

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