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Safety Strategy & Behavioural Safety Programme

Concentris developed a bespoke safety strategy for Dornan Engineering and helped them to support this with changed behaviours across the business.


Dornan are long – established building services Engineers, operating in various sectors across Northern Europe. Concentris has partnered with Dornan over several years to help them develop and implement a safety strategy through targeted behavioural patterns at all levels of the company.

The starting point was with the board, who wanted to make sure that they were matching client expectation on delivering excellence in HSE performance. To deal with this, Concentris staff supported them through several service strands and phases.

Phase I Aims:

• Map out a clear safety strategy to match client expectations
• To develop a safety vision and establish a Safety Leadership Team
• Implement a means to easily track safety performance across the company

These aims were achieved by:

• Running a competition amongst staff to develop a safety vision statement which could act as a focal point for improvement
• Holding a Directors workshop to formalise a Safety Leadership Team (SLT) who could follow on from that point
• Creating a clear Safety Strategy drafted by the head of Health and Safety for Dornan, signed off by the SLT and cascaded out to staff
• Implementing a Management Scorecard which could be used as the focus of attention at SLT reviews, helping them to identify the behaviours they needed to complete to improve performance and track these effectively

Phase II:

Focused on the development and implementation of a bespoke behavioural safety programme using the best practices and principals from programmes across the world.

This addressed:

• Endemic behavioural issues in the business. In the words of one Dornan safety manager, “we are doing this to swap unsafe behavioural patterns for safe ones”
• The realisation that this would be needed to lead safety improvements forward and mark Dornan out as a company were safety truly was ‘in their DNA’

The programme was rolled out as a pilot, then on full scale implementation at multiple sites across Europe and the UK.

Results were very encouraging; measurable safe behaviour scores at operative level were coupled with a detectable cultural shift amongst the workforce towards safer behaviours and a drop in incident rates. Several ‘Train the Trainer’ sessions were run to assist with rolling the programme out across the company. Prospective clients were pleasantly surprised to see a company like Dornan adopting such a proactive approach towards safety.

“Doug has helped us over a number of years now in developing a practical and helpful approach to behavioural improvements in safety, across our business. He has been easy to deal with, and has been able to interact well with all levels of our team, from Director to Workforce.

We can see the positive impact this has had on the projects we have delivered for our own clients; this has helped us to enhance our reputation as a business, as well as doing all we can to create a safe workplace for our people.”

Brian Foskin

Dornan’s H&S Manager


Project roll out in UK/Europe

Train the Trainer sessions delivered


Typical safe behaviour score from observations



Doug Hamilton

Doug Hamilton

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