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Concentris operates internationally, through designing behavioural solutions for business improvement, in a culturally relevant way. Work locations and end clients include:

Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands,

Singapore, Sweden, Thailand, UK, USA and UAE

We connect People to Performance…

…by creating measurable behavioural change…

…to improve the results you want

About Concentris


 Over the past fifteen years, Concentris has been providing behavioural improvement support to businesses. The core principles of behavioural change are usually easy to learn – but companies often face difficulties when they try to implement them.

Our services will help you to decide the behaviours which are key to the business outputs you want; then work with your teams to implement them effectively and on a sustainable basis.

The challenge of changing behaviours exists in all areas of business life, but, if handled properly, will deliver a place where people deliver the effort to make your business what you want it to be.

Our Services

Our service range has been refined over the years to respond to specific client and industry needs. In line with the advice we give to clients, we are always looking to adapt and improve what we do. Our services are always based around the key principles of how to motivate and improve on behavioural patterns.

They are also are backed up by specialist tools and Strategic partners who can provide resources and input as needed.

Behavioural Consultancy and analysis on:

  • Strategic HSEQ implementation
  • KPI / Key Measures assessment
  • Specific Behavioural Outputs sought in your business – at all levels

Behavioural Training and Coaching:

  • Leadership / Manager, Supervisor training and coaching
  • Supervisor enhanced engagement programmes – at 1/1 level and in team based engagement
  • Behaviours for effective communication / engagement
  • Workforce engagement training / follow up

Support to businesses for:

  • Behaviour Based Safety at project or business level
  • Behaviourally focussed meetings
  • Issue resolution
  • Time usage – personal and in teams
  • Team building issues

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Success Stories

“The support from Concentris helped us to address some of the behavioural issues around H&S, which were noticeable by their absence in our team.

The way the feedback data from the first phase was presented, was very helpful for us as a team. It has allowed us to focus on the correct areas for ongoing improvement. The word from the trainees was that the training was high quality, enjoyable and productive. We are now looking to cement these new practices in the remainder of the Crossrail programme”

Sean Doherty

Co-ordination Manager, Siemens Mobility

“I have always been a believer that business results are closely linked to behaviours, at every level of our business. I had worked with Concentris in the United Kingdom, and recognised that we could make it work in Asia given the right model for implementation, as well as the right leadership. It needed both of these to make it work, and I am pleased to say that this happened in a very satisfactory way. My staff also commented to me how professional and helpful the Concentris team was in implementing the programme”

John Birchall

Group Safety Co-ordinator, Keppel Corporation, Singapore

“When we first looked at the challenge ahead of us to establish better safety in BMD, we felt we needed an outside pair of eyes to help us along. Doug helped us to recognise where we were, but more importantly where we needed to go.

The initial support pointed us the right direction, we took the lessons on board, and we have managed to internalise new practices since then, so they are the norm for us now. I have seen a real change across the company, as people have realised there is a better way to deliver safety performance based on how to interact more effectively with each other”.

Mike Walsh

Managing Director, BMD Ireland

Strategic Partners in place for:

  • Systems and App development
  • Support tools and products for delivery of consultancy, training and coaching
  • Delivery of large projects

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